Maintenance #9 28.01.2019

Jan. 28, 2019

✅ Added wholesale exchange option at the Alchemist

✅ Added Alchemist on M2 Maps

✅ Added Horse Riding Book to drop from 45 lvl

✅ Increased chance to drop items for Biologist on 80/85 lvl

✅ Fixed error with unable to read Books from Skillbook Day

✅ Increased time to regenerate HP of Mighty Ice Witch

✅ Fixed drop of Generals in Grotto of Exile

✅ Increased spawn rate of Stones on Ice Mountain

✅ Increased drop of herbs in Grotto of Exile from 1 to 5

✅ A number of fixes to Offline Shops

✅ Fixed map rendering

✅ Fixed account saving

✅ A number of fixes to quests

✅ Refinement at the Guild Smith will show you additive chance of succesful refinement

✅ Small fixes to drop of Stones 85/90 lvl

✅ Minor performance improvements

✅ Increased drop rate of the key on the 1st floor of Devil Catacombs

✅ Fixed drop of Demon King